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You can't have an online business without technology, and you can't do it all yourself when you're trying to grow your business.It may seem impossible to compete with the big boys who offer 24 hour coverage and all kinds of bells and whistles, but as a small business owner, you offer something imcomparable: your unique approach, hands-on support, and seeing your customers as individuals instead of numbers.There are so many tools that can propel you and your business forward - but how do you choose and set them up?

This is where Your Tech Maven comes in

Ask yourself:
- are my ideal clients able to find me?
- can they easily get in touch?
- am I staying on top of client work or am I floundering?
- am I spending hours researching best website builder or trying to figure out my next steps?
- What is being stuck costing me?

Your Tech Maven is here for your tech needs

From recommending the best tools that fit your unique situation (guess what? many of them are free!) creating systems, setting them up and maintaining them (sorry, there's no such thing as set and forever forget) helping you grow and outsource if needed...Your Tech Maven is here for you.

Say goodbye to tech overwhelm

You're scrappy. You figure things out as you go along. You're someone's best kept secret.Be proud of how far you've come on your own.Yet every business owner needs someone in their corner.Let Your Tech Maven be your help desk and trusted advisor.

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